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Welcome to the Sissy Gallery

To view the images of all the lovely sissies, just click the thumbnails below to see more pictures from each group.

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Welcome, my beloved sissies and trannies, to the Sissy Gallery!
Here you’ll find a virtual photo album, chock full of favorite images of  Sissy Mistress Shayna‘s favorite sissies.

Over my years in this business, I’ve received countless images from  sissies and fem-bois of all makes and models who just can’t get enough attention.  I have them in all flavors by now, from the ruffle-bottomed Shirley Temple wannabees to latex dollies, from french maid sissies to sissy-whores, some are passable, others not so much, yet others don’t bother trying to convince anyone, they just settle for being all over femme and fabulous.. it’s a veritable sissy cavalcade of crossdressers.  Sissies just can’t seem to be able to get enough of having their pictures on my websites and in my galleries.

If you’ve been to visit my Sissy Gallery before, you may notice some changes.  Some sissies have gone and some new ones have taken their place, and all have been given my sissy spot seal of approval.  Oh, and I’ve put the sissies in a new, updated gallery, I think it makes all the difference, don’t you?  (Pssst.. just go with it.  I like to hear the word Yes, Poppet.)  If your one of the sissies who had one, or all of your images removed, take no offense.  The truth of the matter is, I lost track of some messages and releases, so the images I have up now are ones I was able to find.
Becoming one of the sissy gallery sissies.
If you’d like to be one of the sissies featured in my sissy gallery, there are a few things you’ll need to know first.

For one thing, you just might notice there were never any no images of nudity on any of my sites before.  It was like that for a reason. I’m not interested in maintaining the kinds of records I would need to in order to keep adult content on this site.

I am now allowing sissies to share images which are hosted elsewhere. If you can find a place that let’s you upload it, by all means, share it.. but make sure you keep it well within the realm of the legal. Things I will not allow include, but are not limited to:

blood sport
extreme torture
incest captions or implied incest
rape or implied rape
excessive violence
adult baby or diaper lovers
Underage content (even fully clothed and intended innocently, this is not a site for showing pictures of kids)
anything prolapsed!  Oh god, noooooooooo!!!!

I assume wherever you upload your images will be responsible and make sure you don’t upload anything sketchy, but to be on the safe side, I’ll be checking regularly and deleting any images of people I think look questionably young or

If you’ve got a photo of your sissified self, all dressed up an ready to go, but you don’t have a place to host the image, You’ll can send them to me, along with a little note promising and pinky swearing that the picture is yours, of you, and you have every right to let me use it at my discretion for this site, related sites, or promotions if I so choose.  You can send them to my email, along with any requests you may have for having your face blocked in the picture to protect the identity of your not so innocent self.  Once I have the images and the release to used them on my site, I’ll take a look at them to see if you’re sissy enough for the sissy gallery.

I will likely never use them anyplace but here, but on the off chance I forget to renew a domain one day and want to restart as “THE_” I want to know I have the rights to reuse the image and not have to track down each person who ever sent me anything.

I will promise never to give away, sell, or otherwise share the images and to only use the images foe my own sites and promotion.

Images which are posted to my site but are not uploaded to my site do not require you to give me permission to use them.  I won’t be touching them, downloading them, or in any way keeping them.  The most I will do is delete the post they’re embedded in if I deem them inappropriate for the site.

Now.. with all of that out of the way.. thank you, and enjoy the sissy exposure

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  1. nessakins

    Sissy Mistress Shayna‘, i love the captions you added to my pics! :)

    1. ShaynaDomina Post author

      :) I’m glad you liked them.. I had fun with it.

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