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Kylie had to really feel them to know that what see was seeing was real and that she was not dreaming. After knowing that what she saw was real she needed a minute to adjust to the new situation. Because when last night started she was Kyle. He remembers that he took a girl home but after that everything is one big

Now 5 e is aving eminine curves, wearing gir s on . erwear an . aving ong air
and a soft girlish skin. But Kylie has to admit that she is very pleased with the

What has happened was not important for her. But how she could explore the new
possibilities in the best manner was now running through her mind because she had
to adapt to new fashion, new behaviors, new feelings and even to new relations.

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Where are all the sissys

Hi all,

just to prove i am still here i have written this post!!

i have been away for abit and popped in and out of blogging.

i have also popped in and out of yahoo groups.

Big question here to anyone who is still reading this – where have all the sissys gone?

i remember yahoo groups booming, but that seems a ghost town now, unless i am looking at / joining the wrong groups – if so which groups should i join?

Blogging seems to have gone the same way with many blogs just laying dormant (OK – i include myself in that one).  i know there are exceptions but you get my drift…

i have some interest in tumblr, but that is mainly just pictures / captions and no-one sharing real life experiences or training.

Where is everyone?  where should i start looking????

Thanks for any help

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Sexy sissy fiction tg caption spellbook


After finding a book on his hotel room Andrew started reading the book. What Andrew did
not know that this book contained a gender bender spell while reading it Andrew softly
pronounced the gender bender spell. After the spell was pronounced Andrew feit a tickling all
over his body, his skin became soft, his breasts began to swell, his manhood disappeared and
his hair began to grow.

After a few minutes the change was complete and Amy was overwhelmed by feminine feelings. Now having feminine looks and curves Amy wondered how it would feel to have a dress fitting around her feminine curves and how it would feel to have soft fabric of the clothing on her smooth skin.

After this change Amy had to sit down and to get used to the new situation and body she was in. Now being a woman she had a whole lot of new possibilities to discover. The first thing Amy wants to do is to discover her new
body and her feminine side. So she will go out and looking for someone to help her with this.

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