Chilling before the Verdict

The times they have been quite easy the past few days. Yesterday i was working from home and, it being dress down Friday, had Owners permission to wear a more informal outfit. This is what i had on, as you can see i was in my element

Then today, Owner and i went to a great exhibition of kinetic artworks in London after which we went fro lunch and then had drinks in a local pub. This is the first time we have gone out for a Saturday afternoon drink in, well months really. It was lovely to do and we both had a really enjoyable time. Here we are relaxing in the bar

Tomorrow, i have my review with Owner during which She will give Her assessment of how i have been performing as Her submissive wife over the past few months. Although there was a period towards the end of last year where i freely admit i was not performing at my best i think i have got into a much better groove since Xmas. i feel my performance has been much better and also feel happier in myself as a result. i guess i will discover tomorrow whether or not Owner concurs.
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Garter Check

“Are you wearing your garter today” She asked me.  “It’s still February” She added with some laughter.

“Yes Mistress, i am” i responded.

“Well lift your skirt and show me” She responded, stopping in Her tracks with hands on hips.

i put the shades down, turned around and showed Her the garter.

“Good girl.  Make sure you show it to Linda when you do her pedicure later” She said while walking away.

“Yes Mistres…..”


sissy terri
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