Financial Control, New Clothes and Aching Loins

i have blogged previously about how Owner controls my finances. My main bank card and my credit cards may only be accessed and used by me with Her permission. Instead i am permitted a monthly allowance of ¬£100 a month – which is transferred from my main account into a separate account each month so that i have a bank card i can use to access my ‘allowance’. However, in addition to this allowance we also agreed that i would start setting aside a small set amount each month from my salary specifically for Owner to use as She sees fit – it is Her money, earnt by me to be spent by Her on Her.

Today marked a little milestone in that, at Her request, i transferred across to Owner’s account the balance of these savings to date. She is going to use the money to pay for some massages for Herself. It is a real thrill and privilege to see Owner use this money. i hope one day we can reach a point where every penny i earn is handed to Owner to keep and administer as She sees fit. Owner’s parents are an inspiration to me in this regard, Her mother is in complete control of Her fathers money and always has been. As Her submissive wife it feels right that Owner should control our purse strings and treat what i earn as Hers.

Meanwhile, this past week has also seen the arrival of a couple of new outfits for me and a new bra. The first outfit i got was a new domestic cleaning tunic to add to my other household cleaning uniforms. It was paid for out of my allowance and purchased on eBay. We think it looks really good with leggings, how about you?

my new housework top

i was also allowed to purchase a new cheap and tarty nightie, again from eBay. Not sure about my pose though

My new bra also arrived, it’s super pretty

And finally, this morning before getting up for work Owner administered a wonderful spanking to my chastised clitty with the palm of Her hand. My new little nano chastity device ensures that my little clit head stays locked and out of the way but my dangly bits are fully exposed, and accessible to Owner. They make for easy and inviting targets. The spanking did not last long but it left a lasting impression as i was throbbing and aching deliciously ‘down there’ all day. It is now over five months since i was last permitted an orgasm, i hope Owner keeps me denied this way indefinitely ūüôā
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